Are you using design to your advantage?

I help businesses use design to look good, communicate ideas, differentiate their brand, and engage their audience.

Curiosity and investigation drive good design, so I ask questions like:

What are you trying to do?

Who's your audience?

Why should they care?

What makes you special?

How can we use design to express your value in a meaningful way?


Case Studies


Task, Australia

Creative vision for new brand in that earned sales of over $1M in its first year and subsequently won high-profile customers including General Mills Australia.


Wowo Community

Creative leadership from design to code. Transforming a traditional recruitment company into a vibrant online community.


World Wildlife Fund, Biopolis

Brand identity and website for a successful pilot project that has since been replicated in other Canadian cities.


I'm Cait Vachon, an interdisciplinary thinker, designer, and strategist based in Montreal, Canada.

I use design to helping brands communicate meaningfully to their customers.

Competencies include

Creative Strategy – Brand Development – Design + Creative
Sales Tools – Project Direction – Research + Insight