Cait’s a rare breed: a creative that thinks like a strategist. After working with her for over a year on WOWO, I was continually impressed with her ability to discover insight and apply it in her work. I found in Cait a partner in crime, someone who could join me in the messiness of strategic thinking, and emerge with concepts that were clear, cultivated and distinct.

Her creative leadership helped our client realize their vision. She oversaw all aspects of the creative from design to code with commitment and grace. I would recommend Cait for any creative challenge, and would love to work with her again.
— Jasmin Cheng, Strategic Facilitator

I needed an Art Director with grit, someone who could think strategically as well as design and write. Cait was great for the role, and over the years, grew to take on roles in both creative and management.
— François-Xavier Allaire, Founder of FXAllaire Furniture Co.

Cait is an extraordinary professional. Her can-do approach to both project management and design is unparalleled. She is a joy to work with on all projects, irrespective of complexity or length. Cait’s drive to deliver a project is infectious. A great team player and knowledgeable - in particular e-commerce projects. She is able to motivate all members of the team - be they technical, creatives, management or clients.
— Alexander Somma, Owner of OpenCo, a software development company

I think what really stood out is that Cait understood what we were trying to achieve. The look and feel just felt right, she took the details and rebranded and repositioned them. It ticked all the boxes.
— John Kapiniaris, Managing Director, TaskByKirk

Cait brought the pictures in my head to life. She brings me good design on projects and gives me the confidence that I’m offering a positive user experience.
She’s got a good vision of the global project as well, where things fit in together.
— David Habak, Founder of WOWO

Cait is calm, patient, flexible, and understanding. She brought everybody along with her on the project journey, helping people develop the vision of what they had and made it a reality.
— Angela Doyle, Director, Little Fish to Big Fish

Working with Cait helped me develop my skills and confidence. The work was hard at first, but I definitely improved and 
developed. I’m a much better writer today.
— Sarah McLennan, Marketing, TaskbyKirk

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Brand identity and website for a successful pilot project that has since been replicated in other Canadian cities.