part three


In addition to messaging structure and copy, I was responsible for designing the brand and visual assets.

This section covers style elements. Some of the layouts I designed are shown on pages one and two within the context of the strategy and sales presentation. 

Task's design ethos

I defined Task's mood in the context of the 5 senses. These ideas guided the visuals and copy.

Colour: Calm, relaxing, uplifting, inspiring.

Shapes: Connected, rounded, untangled.

Texture: Smooth with interval grit and grips. Grid like.

Smell: A dry-erase marker with a scent of fresh flowers from the reception.

Sound: Like the ocean waves, constant and dependable.

Identity design

Since Task is a subsidiary, the goal was to create a logo system for that worked for the parent company as well.

I wanted to say something about old and new – Kirk being established, and Task being contemporary. This was expressed through the typographic treatment of icon; Kirk uses a serif which connotes history and trustworthiness. Task uses more dynamic and playful sans-serif. The monograms are set in circles that hint 'stamp of approval'.


Comprehensive brand guidelines

These are some pages from the comprehensive brand guidelines document that I put together. The document is part of the design toolkit which includes all indexed assets.

The guidelines define the framework for logos + icons, typography, colour, visual content, copy + tone of voice, and stationery.